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Apr 22, 2024

300 EPISODES?! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT! For this huge milestone Matt aka Stormageddon is joined by Kenneth Shepard and Geoff Moonen to steal hearts in the name of justice while chatting about Persona 5 Royal by Atlus and Sega.

You can find Matt here and Kenneth and Geoff on Twitter as well as check out Kenneth's work here...

Apr 19, 2024

Side Quests is back and this episode's host is a journalist, host, producer and former British Secret Service agent, Jason Fanelli! The game he is talking about today is Titanic: Adventure Out of Time by CyberFlix!

You can also find him on Twitter here and find his work here!

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Apr 15, 2024

Side Quests is back and so is host Ngachacha! He is a father, husband, middle-aged gamer, podcaster and a hero given power from the Ouroboros Stone! The game he is talking about today is Xenoblade Chronicles 3 by Monolith Soft and Nintendo.

You can also find this episode's host on twitter here and check out his podcast

Apr 12, 2024

The Xbox 360 did not do any one thing new or entirely on its own. It did herald the 7th generation of consoles. With it came HD graphics, online gaming, and a digital marketplace with a further reach than ever before. Matt & Geoff are joined by Dave Jackson, of Tales from the Backlog and A Top 3 Podcast, to look back...

Apr 8, 2024

Side Quests is back and so is host Kyle Stephenson! He is a podcaster, PR account manager, program coordinator and just one man in a long line of adventurers! The game he is talking about today is Rogue Legacy by Cellar Door Games!

You can find this episode's host on twitter, and listen to his podcasts here and here.